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Acrylic Basketball Display Cases

So, you've been to the court, got your basketball or vest signed by your favorite player or NBA team

…now what?

Half of you wants to display it so that all your buds can marvel at your autographed basketball memorabilia. But then you really don't want their sweaty paw-prints all over it. Most of all, you don't want it man-handled, exposing that precious signature to over-ardent mauling.

Whether it's the basketball itself, a vest or a signed cap, we have a sports case that will do your collectible proud. Tailored to your decor, you can be the next proud owner of a show-stopping NBA basketball case.

Display Case Categories:

The crystal clear acrylic case will keep out prying hands, yet display your trophy and your allegiance to style.

For the vest, we have a huge selection of NBA jersey frames. Our basketball jersey display case includes your choice of frame colors. For signed basketballs, we have sturdy stands to stop your investment piece rolling across the floor and under the bed. Yep, we've been there, too.

Shoot yourself a 3-pointer with a basketball display case.

For all the reason above and more, it's up to you to do whatever you can to extend the lifetime of your sports collectible. Right now, your trophy represents a vivid memory, a real moment in time to you

When it comes to passing down your heirloom, that memento will represent a place and time in history. Suggesting that sports memorabilia is 'priceless' is only a metaphor for us today. But by choosing a high-quality acrylic display case now, you're putting a real price tag on that collectible for the future.

Each design is tailored to make the most of your prized possession and without compromising quality. Each Display Case For Basketballs comes with crystal clear acrylic, which you can get your favorite NBA team logo engraved and you can even choose a wooden case, black base and other options that fits in with your decor so that your showcase fits right in, seamlessly.

Browse our gallery of Basketball Display Cases to see just how they'll show your memorabilia in its best possible light. Whichever token of the game you have acquired, we have the basketball holders you desire. Sports Display Cases can and will preserve your keepsake today so that they're as crisp tomorrow as when the memory was made. That, my friend, is a real Slam-dunk!