Acrylic Boxing Glove Cases

Box clever: protect your memorabilia

The great sport of boxing has been around since Ancient Rome. The sweet thrill of victory behind the ring isn't to everyone's taste. For those who can see past the bruises to the technical, athletic ability, it is a thrilling view.
Some of the world's greatest ever athletes have danced around the ring for our pleasure. But the days of great fights and fighters attracting worldwide audiences are far fewer in this PC era. If you're lucky enough pick up a slice of boxing history, you want to protect it. Keep your autographed boxing glove in a wall mounted boxing glove display case.
1 Boxing Glove Display Case Black Acrylic Base, Horizontal Boxing Glove Display Case Black Acrylic Base, Horizontal
Display your boxing glove in our Single Boxing Glove Display Case. This case displays your glove in a horizontal position. Score a knockout with this case.
Acrylic Boxing Glove Cases $ $62.99
2 Boxing Glove Display Case W/ Black Acrylic Base, Vertical Boxing Glove Display Case W/ Black Acrylic Base, Vertical
Display your beloved boxing glove in Single Boxing Glove Display Case with Black Acrylic Base. Displays your glove vertically for perfect view.
Acrylic Boxing Glove Cases $ $62.99
3 Double Boxing Glove Holder - Black Acrylic Base, Vertical Double Boxing Glove Holder - Black Acrylic Base, Vertical
You can collect and display two memorable boxing gloves vertically in this acrylic based Double Boxing Glove Display Case.
Acrylic Boxing Glove Cases $ $84.99
From memories of the big match to the new collectible kickboxing gloves you picked up on the web, the sport evokes emotion.
For real boxing fans, owning a glove or the shorts of their hero is like owning a piece of them.
In many ways, that's exactly what it is. Few sports lay a man (or woman) as bare as boxing. The glorious sports memorabilia that comes from the fighter's use will be prized collectibles. Any boxing fan will tell you that.
You do not want to let that match used memorabilia deteriorate. It, like a fighter's face, needs protecting. You cannot afford to let your guard down against the elements.
That's where we come in with display cases worthy of their audience.

Display cases worth fighting for - the gloves are off

We supply top quality display cases to let you show off your prize collectible boxing glove. For the prizefighting aficionado, we're the perfect source for your champion boxing collectibles. We offer:
  • Free standing glove cases (single or pair)
  • Framed, wall-hung glove display cases (single or pair)
  • Framed, wall-hung glove and picture display cases
  • Gloves holders
They come in vertical display cases or horizontal cases for one or two gloves. You can display an 8 x 10 picture of your favorite legend, above one of their gloves, in one of our display cabinets.
Freestanding or wall mount, our cases allow you and your visitors to enjoy your trophy. All this while maintaining its pristine condition.
Don't take it on the chin. When it comes to protecting your collectibles, be sure to consider the options. It's priceless.
Not only do we have great options in finishes, but we also offer optional museum grade UV casing on any of our sports memorabilia cases. This level of protection is not available elsewhere on the market today. Learn more about preserving your boxing memorabilia in museum UV quality casing here.

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