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Timeless Wood Frame Display Case Collection

At Sports Display Cases we offer a variety of high quality finishes with our sports memorabilia display cases that are not only beautiful, but made with the industry leading quality and care that your cherished sports memorabilia deserves. When it comes time to display you memories and investments, we believe in nothing but the best for you. Our 2 3/8 frames are on our wall mounted football and baseball cases and our jersey frames.  Our 1 5/8 frames are on our Ready-made frames and our baseball bat display cases.

Below are the various finishes and sizes that we offer.

Brown Frame Finish
(W) 2 3/8" Brown Wood
Black Frame Finish
(B) 2 3/8" Black Wood
Mahogany Frame Finish
(M) 2 3/8" Mahogany Wood
Finishes Brown
(W) 1 5/8" Brown Wood
Black Frame Finish
(B) 1 5/8" Black Wood
Mahogany Frame Finish
(M) 1 5/8" Mahogany Wood

How to Clean the Wooden Frame of Your Display Case

Note: We reserve the right to change any frame molding profiles based on availability.