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Protect Your Sports Jersey with a Jersey Display Case

Just like a special sports jersey - a dear memory of our team we all have, holds an important place in our lives, jersey display cases are paramount to the good life and the proper care of a jersey. For a display case to serve any sports memorabilia well it should not only be a beautiful piece to hang on the wall, but should also serve as its defender.

When considering a sports jersey frame, think in terms of displaying the item and protecting it from dust and damage, while at the same time preserving it in the best condition possible, ready to be worn at any time you might want to.

12 Things To Consider When Choosing a Jersey Display Case

Choosing between different display frames for jerseys, it really pays off to take into account some major questions. Here’s a list of some of the most important things to ask yourself before buying a home for your jersey, no matter whether sport it is.

  • Will the framing options you choose leave the jersey intact?
  • Will you be able to use the jersey after it has been framed?
  • Will the display case be easy to mount?
  • Will you be able to remove the jersey from the frame easily?
  • What are the materials of the case and are they durable enough?
  • Will the display case for the jersey be easy to clean?
  • Will the case protect well the jersey from dust, damage and wear?
  • Will you be able to have the framing engraved?
  • How much does a jersey frame cost?
  • What color for the frame will best suit your jersey?
  • What size frame do i need for a jersey?
  • What will you need to assemble and mount the case?


What types of sports jersey framing do people like?

Most people like sports jersey framing that allows them to keep the jersey intact (not sewn, glued or taped to the back of the case) and also replace the jersey in the case with a new one when needed. 

Another important thing people pay attention to is the ease of use of the framing: the display case should be effortless to mount, easy to open at any time and easy to clean.

Last but not least, people like sports jersey framing that will allow them to keep their memorabilia protected at a reasonable price.

Getting the Best Frame Without Breaking the Bank

With most of the display frames for jerseys available on the market, the back of your jersey will either be taped or sewn to the frame. In the long term, this will prove to be costly not only because you will have your jersey ruined but also because it will be impossible for the frame to be used with another jersey.

framed jersey caseframed jersey display case

There are even more expensive, usually museum-like quality frames for a jersey that do include great protection, options for changing of the jersey, a personalized design of the inside of a shadow box frame and many other options, designed by a professional. However, as you might have already guessed, these come with a price that many times goes above what you are ready to spend for framing even the most precious of your jerseys.

In between these extremes of too low a quality and too high a price, there lies an option which takes the best from both worlds. A smarter (and cheaper) way to display, protect and keep your sports memorabilia safe from sewing and taping, without spending a lot of money on framing.

MLB baseball jersey display casesMeet the cabinet style jersey display case - an affordable sports jersey framing with which you can display your jersey while protecting it and having it ready to use at any time.

Encasing Sports Memories with Style and Care

As you’ve learned so far, it's one thing to have a jersey from your favorite sports team, but it's another thing to display and protect it, while being able to wear it when the case calls for it. This is where high-quality display frames for jerseys come into play.

NCAA college jersey display casesThey are made of high-quality, durable materials (solid wood, acrylic, polymer) and designed with the aim of preserving your sports memorabilia without harming . With a 100% clear cast acrylic these cases bring out the beauty of the jersey (and its importance in your life) in its full grandeur.

With a variety of frame choices - (mahogany, wood, and black) and a classic black back, these will make a great home and a defender of your jersey. The cases come in one size that will hold most adult jersey sizes.

Why a High-quality Display Case From Sports Display Cases Is Good for Your Jersey (and Your Budget)

At Sports Display Cases, we are dedicated to providing the best for you and your sporting memories. Since 2003, our cases have become homes for all professional and non professional sports jerseys. Choosing frame for a jersey from us, you get:

  • Your team logo engraved on the front of the jersey display case (Officially licensed by All Professional Leagues)
  • Free Delivery (48 States)
  • Built-in hanger in the case
  • One piece, no assembly required
  • Cabinet style jersey display case which is easy to clean and use
  • Hinged front door with ⅛ cast acrylic
  • A choice of three frame finishes; black, wood or mahogany
  • Classic black matted background

Jersey display cases are perfect to encase any piece of sports memorabilia regardless of the sport.

Great Jerseys Hang Alike

NBA basketball jersey display casesThere’s little to no difference in the frame, whether you are hanging a basketball jersey, like the one with the Cleveland Cavaliers logo:

NFL football jersey display casesOr a jersey, with the Pittsburgh Steelers engraved logo.

Cabinet display cases will serve you well to showcase an autographed or memorable jersey - the items will be safe from dust and damage and available to be worn at any time.

Speaking of dust and damage, keep in mind that you will need to clean your case on a regular basis in order to keep it look like new and prevent sticky residue or dust from collecting on the surface of the case. For more advice on how to clean a display case, head to our blog: How To Clean A Display Case.

How to frame a jersey?

Framing a sports jersey with a cabinet style jersey case is easy, affordable and does not affect the quality of display and protection in any way. All cabinet style jersey display cases come to you as one piece. There is no assembly required.

The range of sports cases we offer allows you to frame your sports jersey with a high-quality acrylic jersey case or a museum-quality UV acrylic (that is state of the art ultra-violet protection).

Once  you choose a color and a logo for your case (please note that UV-protected cases come only with no logo engraving available for them) and receive your order, to frame the jersey, all you have to do is:

  • Put the jersey in the cabinet using the built-in hanger included in the case
  • Mount the display case following the simple steps listed below.

Mounting Your Jersey Display Case

blank jersey display caseNow that you know the nitty-gritty of framing a jersey and hanging it, you might want to see how display cases are mounted on the wall. The sports jersey frames sold at Sports Display Cases come standard with 5 pre-drilled holes in the back to hang on the wall.

It attaches to the wall with only 5 screws (not included in the jersey display case package). If you are planning to hang your jersey on drywall, we highly recommend that you use EZ Ancors. Find the product and its instructions for use of a E-Z Ancor.

how to hang your jersey display case

To mount the case, you need to:

1. Use hole 1 and mark the place you will hang the case

2. Using the mark from hole 1 as a reference point, make your case straight and then mark holes 2, 3, 4 and 5. That’s it; it is that easy. Mounted on the wall, it opens like a book, and you can take out your jersey whenever you want to. Arrow number 6 shows you where you hang your jersey on the clear acrylic rod that comes with the case.

That’s it; it is that easy.


Fandom Matters: Take Care of Your Jersey Today

Knowing that your jersey can be safe in a high-quality display case without having to spend a lot of money on framing is a good thing. Act upon that knowledge. Give your jersey the perfect place to be displayed and the ultimate protection it needs - call us toll-free at (877) 26-CASES (22737) or find your jersey case below with free shipping 48 states:

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Please note that all College Jersey Display Cases can be used for a NCAA baseball or a NCAA Basketball jersey, not only for the football, displayed in the images.