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Acrylic Brick Display Cases

Most people think that the sole purpose of display is visibility, there are so many ways it can help. Memorabilia is not easy to come around, and when you find one, it is vital to keep in a safe place. 

Think about your favorite NFL player. What if you bumped into him, and he gave you one of his limited-edition cap? Or a famous stadium that has crumbled due to natural causes? Well, you'll need something to keep these special items, and that’s where a acrylic display case come in!   

Why You Need a Brick Display Case

Do you have a memorable sports item that you need to preserve or put on display? Perhaps, a brick from Old Yankee Stadium, maybe one from the house your dad grew up in? Placing it on a simple shelf might not do the trick. You need something sturdier- a brick display case. Here are some of the reasons why a brick display case is the best option for your collectible

Baseball Brick Holder Display Case Baseball Brick Holder Display Case
If you want to show off a custom baseball team brick, this Baseball Brick Display Case is the best case to show it off and keep it protected.
Basketball Brick Holder Display Case Basketball Brick Holder Display Case
If you own a brick from historic Boston Garden, you want the best Basketball Brick Display Case. This case will showcase and protect it.
Football Brick Holder Display Case Football Brick Holder Display Case
If you own a brick from football history, this Football Brick Display Case is the perfect way to showcase and protect it. Trusted by the pros.
Hockey Brick Holder Display Case Hockey Brick Holder Display Case
Owning a brick from a hockey arena is special. You need a way to preserve and protect it. This Hockey Brick Display Case is the best way. Get yours today.
Nascar Brick Holder Display Case Nascar Brick Holder Display Case
If you own a piece of Nascar history, this Nascar Brick Display Case is the best way to display and protect your collectible.

· Conservation

For your sports collection, you need a protective case that preserves and protects. The best brick display cases will display your treasure while keeping away dust and dirt. A high-quality display case will keep your sports memorabilia like new for years to come. 

· Security

Sport cases are a home to collectibles and valuable objects.  Acrylic brick case are the best style as they reduce the risk of while keeping it attractive for years. Acrylic is light weight but looks great.  

· Aesthetics

Brick cases will give your trophy shelf a clean look. These brick display cases will catch the eye of your friends. Another way to make your showcase unique is to get an engraving on the acrylic. You can also opt for a free nameplate instead. A brick display case makes a unique collectible with a mix of practicality and design. 

Why Choose Us? 

We are the leading supplier of sports displays, including brick holders. When you choose us, you get guaranteed satisfaction and the best customer experience. We make our brick display cases from quality acrylic. These cases will last for generations and help preserve your brick. Sports memorabilia and artifacts are pieces that need tender care. That’s what you get from our range of the best display cases. 

These showcases take place in the USA, and we strive to create something unique. Our brick display case variety includes baseball, basketball, football, Nascar, and hockey. So, if you have a brick from a famed sports arena, like the Boston Garden, we got you covered. 

Since 2003, we have been supplying displays to sports enthusiasts and sports collectors. Some of our display cases offer museum-quality UV protection. This option prevents harmful rays from damaging sensitive items. If you have any questions or doubts about your preferred display, don’t hesitate to call us.